Axon Resourcing lead session on recruitment strategy for charities


Andy Edwards and Eric Tomlinson delivered a session this week for charities working alongside Inspire. Inspire seeks to mobilize the skills and resources of the business community to enable charities to expedite their progress and impact.

The session, hosted by KPMG, focussed on defining the building blocks necessary for a successful recruitment strategy. Starting with defining organizations’ own brand identities there were breakout sessions followed by a presentation on honing the recruitment process itself.

Eric Tomlinson, Director of Axon Resourcing, said “This was a great event with some lively discussion and most importantly a useful exchange of ideas. Developing a coherent strategy to attract and retain talent is a challenge for organizations across all sectors. Most of the charities represented today are facing recruitment pressures of some kind and I hope we gave some insights into how to tackle these problems. Thanks to Inspire and KPMG for bringing everyone together.”