Job Title: Chief Operating Officer  
  Grade:        Director  
  Accountable to: Chief Executive  
  Reports to: Chief Executive  


If you are interested in being considered for this position, please examine the Job Description and Candidate Specification carefully in assessing the suitability of your candidature.

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for ensuring the successful system wide operational delivery and performance of all clinical and support services, and through such delivery, for supporting health improvement at an individual and population level.

As an executive member of the Board, the Director will hold corporate responsibility jointly with other Board members for development of the strategic direction, corporate policy making and development and delivery of Trust objectives.

The Chief Operating Officer will be the Executive Director accountable to the Board for
operational delivery of clinical and clinical support services that underpin the strategic direction of the organisation, with the key focus on overall performance and the need to continually improve outcomes.

He/she will have executive leadership and responsibility for effective day to day management of clinical and clinical support services, through the Divisions and their teams. He/she will lead the Divisions to provide safe, high quality, integrated, effective and cost effective services that are responsible to patients' and clients' needs across the whole system.

All Directors are expected to work as part of a cohesive team and, when necessary to take lead responsibility for corporate issues outside their immediate sphere of responsibility in order to achieve the corporate objectives of the Trust.

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