Many thanks for taking the time to consider applying to be one our colleagues at Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit. I hope you will find the information in this document of interest to you, and that it inspires you to apply to us at this exciting time for the organisation and the whole NHS.

The NHS and its leaders are facing an incredibly challenging time. The commissioners in our diverse and vibrant region have risen to this and developed a clear vision of how they want to lead change in their own local communities - and across the wider area. Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit in turn has a clear vision of how it will enable them to do this; to transform the health and wellbeing of the 2.8m people they serve. We have brought together some of the most experienced NHS people in the country to design, and ultimately deliver, a comprehensive and competitive range of services.

They understand the complex landscape our customers work in and are skilled at navigating this.

They will work together, sharing expertise and insight across all our specialist teams, so we can focus our collective experience on ensuring we find solutions for our customers.

At the same time we are building a culture of enterprise, excellence and innovation among all our teams which will allow us to continually focus on meeting our customers' evolving needs.

It's a challenging time for the NHS and those leading our new commissioning system. Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit will be a hub for the talent, skills and experience which will enable these leaders to transform our health system so it meets the needs of our 21st century population. These roles will provide the right candidates with an opportunity to form a key part of that transformation.