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NHS RightCare is a national NHS England supported programme committed to delivering the best care to patients, making the NHS’s money go as far as possible and improving patient outcomes.
We help to ensure the best possible care is delivered as efficiently as possible, which is essential for both patients and the NHS.

Ensuring people access the right care, in the right place at the right time means the NHS can treat more people effectively, now and in the future. It’s unacceptable to see inconsistent differences across the country around the type of care patients receive. NHS RightCare’s work is core to ensuring the best possible care is delivered everywhere. Using leading edge medical evidence and practical support helps local health economies understand how money is spent to deliver the best care in different parts of the country.

NHS RightCare advises local health economies to:

Make the best use of their resources – by tackling over use and underuse of resources.
Understand their performance – by identifying variation between demographically similar populations so they can adopt and implement optimal care pathways more efficiently and effectively.

Talk together about the same things – about population healthcare rather than organisations and encouraging joint decision-making.

Focus on areas of greatest opportunity by identifying priority programmes which offer the best opportunities to improve healthcare for people and ensuring taxpayer money goes as far as possible.
Use tried and tested evidence based processes to make sustainable improvement to reduce unwarranted variation.

NHS RightCare has three components:


Through the use of data, including local health economies spend data, patient admissions and prescribing data, along with other evidence – NHS RightCare Intelligence shines a light on variation and performance. This well packaged data identifies areas of greatest opportunity and support for quality improvement. This information is transcribed into a range of comprehensive data packs and online tools to act as a source of insight which support local health economies to have local discussions to agree a starting point for change.


NHS RightCare works in partnership with a wide range of organisations, national programmes and patient groups to develop and test new concepts and influence policy. Examples of NHS RightCare’s current work include contributing to the national Nursing Strategy; developing national thinking on Medicines Optimisation with the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC); and testing and proving concepts around patient and clinician Shared Decision Making.

NHS RightCare does this by bringing together regional and national leaders, patients and other key stakeholders to understand local priorities drive best practice and launch further action.


The NHS RightCare team supports local health economies adopt the NHS RightCare approach as ‘the way we do things around here’. NHS RightCare have a proven three stage systematic, evidence-based methodology, of ‘Where to look’, ‘What to change’ and ‘How to change’ process to service redesign and prioritisation. It is helping many local health economies make sustainable change to improve their population’s health whilst making the best investment decisions.